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Hunting for Your New Home

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  • Subletting

    Subletting works in two ways: either you may be able to lease all or part of the leased premises to another person and retain some right to the original lease; or, you can be the person subletting the apartment. You must check with the landlord, in most cases, the lease will have a provision for subletting with their permission. The original tenant is responsible for the actions of the sub-tenant. To avoid any confusion, enter into an arrangement carefully and obtain a written sub-lease.

  • Local Realtors

    Most agents charge a fee can be usually equal to one month rent. You may be required to sign a contract that holds you responsible for payment of the agent’s fee. This fee should be paid only after you have actually signed a lease for an apartment referred to you by that agent. Some agents do require the fee, deposit, and initial rent upon application for a specific apartment. If this is required, do not relinquish money unless you are certain you want the apartment if the application is approved. Many landlords require initial payments of first and last month’s rent and a security deposit. If a realtor helps you find an apartment, you can also expect to be charged a fee equal to one month’s rent (i.e., if one month’s is $600, expect to put down $2400 for the apartment).

  • Home Stay/Work Exchange/Boarding House

    Home stays will enrich the lives of exchange students as well as their own. As an alternative to apartment or dorm-life, home stays are a way for international students to become acclimated and to learn about American customs, all while in the comforting setting of a home. Home stays can range from a complete immersive family experience to a very basic room rental. In exchange for money students receive food, room and board as well as the security net of family life in a new country. Students thrive in this environment socially and mentally.